This Week’s Bakery Bulletin

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Issue 33.5


We’re taking a couple of weeks off after a very busy and productive December! Thank you so much for supporting our bakery this year, and for sharing our bread with your friends for the holiday!

You’ll be able to order bread again, starting January 7th, for pickup on January 13th. Please plan to stock up on bread, if you’ll be needing it, since after the 13th we’ll be closing the bakery down for our winter break. We’re taking some time to spend with family, and it’s a little easier to leave now than during the busy summertime farmers market season!

Would you like to see a video of us baking your bread? Our bakery is a small commercial kitchen attached to our house on the lower Anchorage Hillside. Check us out on YouTube!

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