our commitment to the farmers’ market

We started baking our bread commercially in July 2007 for the Saturday South Anchorage Farmers’ Market, and from June through October, that’s where you’ll find us still. Being a part of the farmers’ market means a lot to me—as you already know if you’ve received my weekly email newsletters for the Farmers’ Market all summer! I’m the Farmers’ Market Reporter, as well as the owner of Rise & Shine Bakery!

Supporting our local farmers’ markets is so important, and there are so many reasons to buy local food!
1. The produce tastes better because of our cool climate! Our cool nights make the vegetables sweeter and more delicious than anything grown in hotter climates.
2. The produce tastes better because it’s fresher! With vegetables grown just a few miles away, harvests can be much more recent than for produce shipped from Outside.
3. Your produce will stay fresh much longer after you buy it, because it is so fresh to begin with.
4. The transportation costs of buying local food are much lower than buying produce that has been shipped from the Lower 48. You’re conserving all kinds of energy by buying local food!
5. You’re supporting local farmers and ensuring that farming and local food production will remain viable in Alaska.