getting creative with specialty loaves

In addition to the 100% whole grain breads, we love stretching our imaginations to create a variety of other breads, made lighter by using only 60% organic whole wheat flour. These loaves are wonderful for dinner breads, toast, and sandwiches. The specialty breads are made with 60% organic whole wheat flour (or a combination of whole-grain wheat and rye flours), and 40% organic unbleached bread flour. Our flavors include kalamata olive, Alaskan cheese & roasted garlic, fresh rosemary, Alaskan onion rye, Alaskan potato & chive, and in the fall, a savory pumpkin bread.

For holidays and special occasions throughout the year, we also bake two very special sweet breads, also leavened with sourdough. They are wonderful for snacks, breakfast, or desserts: the dark chocolate & cherry bread, and our fruited almond bread. These lovely, rich loaves are just packed with luscious ingredients, and are more like cake than bread…  but the beauty of them is that you can toast them—and they are definitely more nutritious for you than cake!