How do we sell the bread during the winter, when the farmers’ market ends?

When we stop selling bread at the South Anchorage Farmers’ Market in September, we switch over to our wintertime baking routine. During the winter, you can order your bread through the website! Then you can pick up your bread on Wednesdays, in south Anchorage or downtown. If you sign up for our email newsletter (see the box on the left margin), before we bake, I’ll send you an email and let you know the bread flavors we’ll be baking, and remind you to order.

You’ll need to order your bread on the website by midnight on Sundays, so we have time to plan our bake, feed our sourdough, and pre-ferment the dough!  You pay for the bread (cash or check) when you pick it up.

Pick-up locations for Wednesdays
1.  Side Street Espresso, 412 G Street, downtown: 8-10am
2.  Inspire Physical Therapy, 1120 Huffman Road, Suite 19 (in the Sushi Garden Mall), South Anchorage: 4-6pm

If you have any questions, call me at 907.748.3712.