local ingredients

We are also committed to using as many local ingredients in our bread as possible! We are very excited that, beginning in the summer of 2014, we are able to get high-quality wheat grown here in Alaska! All of our breads contain at least 30% Alaskan wheat! We can’t yet use 100% Alaskan wheat, because we don’t have a commercial mill in Alaska that can grind the wheat finely enough to make a high-rising whole wheat loaf. So we grind 30% of the flour for our loaves in the small grain mill in our bakery, and the remainder of the wheat is organically grown in the Lower 48.

We make several special Alaskan breads, containing ingredients grown and produced here in Alaska! Our Alaskan barley bread is made with barley grown in Delta Junction, and our Alaskan cheese & roasted garlic bread contains loads of cheese made in Wasilla at Cranberry Ridge Farms. Our Alaskan potato & chive bread and our Alaskan baked potato pan loaves are softened and conditioned with piles of baked potatoes grown in Palmer! And our Alaskan onion rye bread contains loads of lovely onions grown in Palmer, cured and stored there!