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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Issue #81

Hello!!  You can ORDER NOW for bread pickup on Wednesday, November 27th.

Our pickup day is the day before Thanksgiving. I have a feeling you might just need bread for Thanksgiving week. First, you have your stuffing and dressing needs. And I know from experience that our LEVAIN makes fantastic stuffing. Then you might need some dinner bread with your holiday meal. FRESH ROSEMARY sourdough, anyone? And finally, you’d better lay in some supplies for your turkey sandwiches. I like my post-Thanksgiving sammies with plenty of mayonnaise (enough to run down my arm to my elbow) and freshly-ground black pepper. Either sourdough pan loaf will do the trick nicely!  Read on for the rest of the flavors, described below.

ANNOYING PASSWORDS: Have you had to reset your password through the website and now it’s stuck on something awful like Kq8B2j? I’m so sorry that my website doesn’t allow you to customize your own password, but I can change it for you. Please just .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  or call me (677-3712 or 748-3712) and let me know, and I can change it to something easy to remember, or to a password of your choice.

We will be baking once or twice a month through the winter, so stock up and pop some bread in the freezer if you’d like. The bread really does freeze and thaw well, because of its three-day cool fermentation. Click on our long term baking schedule to see what we’ll be baking later this winter! Sign up for our reminder email if you’d like (see the left margin), and you’ll get an email when it’s time to order for the next bake.

NEW SOUTHSIDE DELIVERY LOCATION: Our Southside delivery location has moved just a few doors down to Inspire Physical Therapy, in Suite #19 of very same mall on the south side of Huffman and Old Seward (1120 Huffman Road). Since Sweet Adeline’s is moving to midtown, we are now delivering our bread at Inspire Physical Therapy.  Thanks so much to Tiffany and her staff at Inspire Physical Therapy for hosting us!

For pickup on Wednesday, November 27 (please order by Sunday, November 24):

As always, we’re baking the ever-popular 100% whole grain SPENT GRAIN sourdough pan loaves, packed with barley groats from Midnight Sun Brewing Company’s beer-making process that make the bread healthy, moist, and flavorful. And we’re also lined up to bake our signature LEVAIN, which is the French term for naturally-leavened bread (also known as sourdough). With just four ingredients (organic whole-wheat flour, water, sea salt and sourdough), it’s the fermenting time that creates the flavor and texture of this delicious, nutritious loaf.

Savory hearth loaves will be the hearty TOASTED SEED sourdough, 100% whole wheat, and the light and lovely FRESH ROSEMARY sourdough. The rosemary bread makes a fantastic dinner bread for your Thanksgiving table, as I mentioned earlier, and fantastic turkey sandwiches the day after!!
The sweet hearth loaf this week will be the FRUITED ALMOND bread, packed with all kinds of holiday fruit: dried apricots, cranberries, and golden raisins! Just in case you feel a bit peckish before the big meal.

A WORD ABOUT GLUTEN-FREE BREAD. We’ve had a lot of questions about making gluten-free breads lately, and while the bread is made with wheat, and therefore contains gluten, the long action of the sourdough on the dough consumes a lot of the glutens that people can be sensitive to. So if you’re celiac, you won’t be able to eat the bread. But if you’re just looking to cut down on gluten in your diet, our whole grain sourdough offers a healthy, whole-grain alternative to regular bread.

the bread ordering deadline

You’ll need to order your bread by MIDNIGHT on Sunday (starting on November 7), so we have time to plan our bake, feed our sourdough, and pre-ferment the dough!  When youcome pick up your bread, you can pay by cash or check.

bread pickup locations

Pick-up locations for Wednesdays:
1.  Side Street Espresso, 412 G Street, downtown: 8-10am
2.  Inspire Physical Therapy, at 1120 Huffman Rd, Suite 19 (in the mall at Huffman and Old Seward): 4-6pm

If you need to call me during a pick-up time, you can reach me on my cell phone at 748-3712. If you can’t reach me on my cell phone at other times, please call me at home/the bakery: 677-3712.

Would you like to see a video of us baking your bread? Our bakery is a small commercial kitchen attached to our house on the lower Anchorage Hillside.

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