South Anchorage Farmers’ Market Cookbook

I don’t just bake bread, I write email newsletters with recipes, too! I used to write the weekly South Anchorage Farmers’ Market Newsletter, as the Market Reporter! Knowing how hard it is to keep track of recipes in printed emails and computer files still on your hard drive, I put all my favorite recipes together in a cookbook!

The South Anchorage Farmers’ Market Cookbook is filled with 100 pages of delicious, healthy recipes that showcase our flavorful, fresh local Alaskan produce. Recipes provide inspiration for ways to use Alaskan vegetables, fish, fruits, bread, and other products that can be found at our farmers’ markets. Mostly vegetarian and vegetable recipes, many of which are dairy- and egg-free, the cookbook focuses on recipes that have fantastic flavor and top-notch nutritional value. The directions in each recipe include lots of hints about how to prepare these recipes with speed and efficiency. The cookbook also includes directions for processing Alaskan produce to freeze for the winter.

The book contains over 100 recipes, on full-sized, spiral-bound pages, and has a thorough index and table of contents. The huge vegetable section of the book is organized alphabetically, and cross-referenced exhaustively, so you can easily find just the right recipe. The cookbook can answer questions like, “What should I do with this big beautiful armload of kale I just brought home from the farmers’ market?” Hopefully you will be even more inspired to cook up loads of fresh vegetables, fruits, seafood, and bread from the farmers’ market.

The cookbooks cost $20.

Click here to order a cookbook for $20 and then pick it up with your bread on Wednesdays.