getting creative with specialty loaves

In addition to our 100% whole grain loaves, we love stretching our imaginations to create a variety of other breads, made lighter by using only 60% organic whole wheat flour. These loaves are wonderful for dinner breads, toast, and sandwiches. The specialty breads are made with 60% organic whole wheat flour (or a combination of whole-grain wheat and rye flours), and 40% organic unbleached bread flour. These flavors include Kalamata olive, fresh rosemary, Alaskan onion rye, and Alaskan potato & chive.

Every week, we bake a sweet loaf that includes dried fruit. The bread rotates between the raisin & toasted pecan sourdough, the fruited almond sourdough, and the dark chocolate & cherry sourdough. They are wonderful for snacks, breakfast, or dessert. These lovely, rich loaves are just packed with luscious ingredients.