whole grains

Our passion is making delicious, nutritious, high-rising bread using 100% whole wheat organic flour and natural leavening (also known as wild yeast, or sourdough). That’s a tall order, since using 100% whole wheat can make a loaf of bread awfully dense, and wild yeast doesn’t have the same leavening power as commercial yeast.
As we developed our recipes, we discovered that the same things that make a 100% whole wheat loaf rise high and taste great (long, cool fermentation and a hot, steamy bake) also make the loaf a fantastic keeper. Our bread will stay fresh on your counter in its plastic bag for four or five days. (Don’t refrigerate it—it will stale more quickly.)

Buy the bread that you’ll need for the week, two weeks, or the month (however often you’ll buy the bread) and freeze all but the loaves you’ll be eating right away. Those frozen loaves will still be moist and delicious when thawed. (Thaw them on a rack, still in their plastic bags.)

About one quarter of the flour in our loaves is freshly ground from organic wheat berries in our bakery, and the result is a bread with a fresh and complex taste. Because we use whole wheat organic flour, and as many other organic ingredients as we can in our specialty breads, the bread is healthy—not just for you and your family, but for the environment, as well.

Our signature bread, the 100% whole wheat sourdough pan loaf, is made with just four ingredients: organic whole wheat flour, well water, sea salt, and wild yeast. We call these loaves “levain,” a French term for naturally-leavened bread, rather than “sourdough,” because the flavor of our loaves is complex and delicious, but milder than a typical white sourdough bread.

Many of our breads are 100% whole grain, and they are all leavened with sourdough. All our breads are made with at least 60% whole grains—the remainder is unbleached organic bread flour.