long-term bread schedule

Plan Your Bread Adventure: Our Long-Term Bread Schedule

Embark on a journey through flavors and seasons with our long-term bread schedule. Designed to celebrate the diversity of grains and the creativity of our baking, this schedule ensures that you always know what’s coming out of our ovens. From the hearty Winter Rye in the chill of January to the zesty Lemon Herb Loaf greeting the summer sun, our calendar is your guide to enjoying a year-round bread adventure. This carefully curated schedule not only allows you to plan your visits and orders in advance but also introduces you to the rhythm of nature as it unfolds in our bakery. Let each season bring a new favorite into your life, baked with the same passion and quality you’ve come to love.

Savor the Seasons: A Year in Bread

Our bakery’s heart beats with the seasons, and our long-term bread schedule is a reflection of this natural cadence. As the year progresses, our ovens tell a story of change, growth, and renewal through the medium of bread. Spring’s first batches of Herb & Garlic Focaccia give way to the robust Multigrain Loaves of fall, each loaf capturing the essence of its time. This schedule is not just a plan—it’s an invitation to join us in a year-long celebration of baking that honors the Alaskan landscape and its seasonal bounty. With each visit, discover how the flavors, textures, and aromas of our breads shift with the calendar, offering you a unique taste of time and place.